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tecXL – General conditions of warranty

of bb-net media GmbH as constituted on 26.11.2019

You can download the complete warranty conditions here as a PDF.

The general conditions of warranty of bb-net media GmbH (hereafter bb-net) apply exclusively to commercial customers. Should you have acquired a tecXL product as a private individual, please refer to the relevant vendor regarding warranty handling. Rights existing beyond this warranty are not limited by the granting of a guarantee.


(1) bb-net ensure its customers, that all hardware sold is free of manufacturing-, material- and processing defects. The generally accepted rules of technology at the time of manufacture are decisive.

(2) bb-net will either repair the defective product or replace it with at least an equivalent or comparable product. However, the costs will be borne by bb-net in any case.

(3) If neither repair nor replacement of the defective device is possible, bb-net will refund the current value of the device. The current value will be determined by bb-net’s price calculation. If the defect occurs within the first 12 months, bb-net will refund the purchaser the full purchase price.

(4) Replaced parts become the property of bb-net. Further claims do not exist. bb-net shall not make available any equipment on loan during the warranty period, in particular for repairs, and shall not bear the costs thereof.

(5) If a rechargeable battery is used with refurbished used goods bearing the tecXL seal, bb-net guarantees a minimum running time of 30 minutes in regular operation.


(1) Wear parts are excluded from the warranty. In particular, but not exclusively, these include: batteries, capacitors, fans, heat conducting agents, discolorations, hinges, levers, flaps or traces of wear in the input area. For accumulators, the warranty is limited to a maximum of 6 months.

(2) Excluded from the guarantee are damages caused by force majeure or natural catastrophes in particular, but not exclusively: fire, radiation, frost, sun/heat, floods, war, computer viruses, programming, software errors, external force or impact effects.

(3) Likewise, improper use or modification of the equipment is excluded from a warranty claim. Examples of improper use include, but are not limited to: water damage, corrosion damage, defects due to accessories not approved by the manufacturer and the installation of software not approved by the manufacturer.

(4) Manufacturer-side serial errors, software errors and/or errors in connection with the operating system are excluded from the warranty.

(5) In addition, the warranty shall cease to be valid in the event of non-compliance with the installation and maintenance instructions and/or repair of the device by any person/company other than bb-net. Except, if bb-net has expressly agreed to this in written form.

(6) Standalone, but also built-in displays, are classified in four pixel error classes according to ISO 13406-2. These products are tested and sold according to ISO category pixel fault class II. The maximum permissible number of errors per million pixels is two permanently illuminated pixels (error type 1), two permanently black pixels (error type 2) or five defective sub-pixels, either permanently illuminated in the colours red, green, blue and permanently black (error type 3). Defective pixels do not represent a warranty claim within the valid specification.

(7) Assembly or disassembly of the defective part or product is not covered by the warranty.


(1) The warranty period for tecXL products is 24 months, for other used hardware, so-called used IT, 3 months and begins from the invoice date.

(2) In the case of the first resale of products with the tecXl seal by the customer, the warranty period begins anew, but the extension is limited to a maximum of 6 months. Upon request, the original proof of purchase must be handed over to bb-net, by means of which the device can be clearly identified. Accumulators are excluded from this.

(3) Should components be replaced as part of the warranty performance, this shall not trigger a new start of the warranty period.


(1) If you discover a defect in your tecXL product, please contact our customer service immediately using the online form in your customer account at

(2) If our customer service determines that the product complained about may be defective and the warranty claim is justified, you will receive a processing number (RMA) and instructions for shipping the product to bb-net.

(3) Returns authorised by us in suitable transport packaging to bb-net are paid for in advance and insured accordingly. The goods will be shipped to the address indicated on the return shipment.

(4) After the warranty service has been provided, you will receive your tecXL product back with the same configuration that it originally had at the time of purchase, subject to possible updates.

(5) You may not return an incomplete product to bb-net without contacting our customer service department in advance. bb-net reserves the right to return unannounced deliveries and to charge the shipping and handling costs to the sender.


(1) The buyer shall bear the costs of the submission and its ancillary costs. In the event of complaints within the first 60 days of the delivery date, bb-net shall also be entitled to bear the return costs.

(2) After completion of the repair, bb-net shall return the equipment to the customer at bb-net’s expense without further notice.


(1) bb-net assumes no liability for data and installed software. bb-net reserves the right to delete data carriers within the scope of warranty performance and to reinstall the operating system. It is the responsibility of the customer to reinstall the operating system and other software.

(2) bb-net accepts no liability whatsoever for data lost during transport from or to bb-net. The transport insurance only covers the value of the shipment.

(3) bb-net accepts no liability for repairs carried out as a gesture of goodwill.


(1) The data required to carry out and process the warranty service shall be collected, transferred and processed. By using the respective valid return procedure, the customer agrees that this data may be collected and processed. bb-net acts in accordance with the principle of data economy.


(1) Place of performance of the obligations arising from this guarantee is Schweinfurt. Insofar as permissible, the place of jurisdiction shall be the district of Schweinfurt. German law shall apply to this guarantee to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, unless mandatory international consumer protection law precludes this.